Warning letter from Sasse & Partner?

What to do after receiving a warning letter from Sasse & Partner?

Many people are shocked when they find a lawyer write in the letter box and be asked to pay 800 euros for illegal file sharing. What to do when maintaining such a warning letter? Now I must go to jail? What about my criminal record? Will i lose my job in the army?
First you should keep calm and contact a professional lawyer for copyright law to submit the copyright warning letter for the examination.
With the lawyer you can then discuss the further question like

What would be the total cost for me?

What would be the total VAT costs?

Are there any other costs which i will have to pay?

Will i have to pay anything to Sasse and Partner because i have not downloaded or uploaded the movie?

For the prevention of further cease an desist letters, would i have to pay something extra?

What are the risks involved with this approach?

Many questions that we can answer you. Just contact us!


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